Founder/Co-Director & E-Commerce Manager


D. Herbert

Began in 2015, two University buddies started on a journey to

create a lifestyle marketing brand with a goal to impact the

world of Automotive Media


Welcome to 'The Driven'. Automotive Enthusiasts with a 'success driven' mindset. Israel Singer and Dominic Herbert set about creating an automotive inspired lifestyle brand with a difference. They are as crazy about cars as they are entrepreneurship.

Their partnership resulted in what you see here. A digital marketing media production company that specializes in automotive content creation and management. But they're not planning to stop there, as they seek to grow and inspire other like minded enthusiasts towards the same goal. Using the power of social media, The Driven will bring value to those who seek it.

We as a marketing media and lifestyle brand, strive to bring you quality automotive content and entertainment. But why just entertain when you have the opportunity to do much more?


Our goal is to use our social platforms to inspire and motivate. We call ourselves 'The Driven' for a reason.


As a collective of car nuts that embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, we seek to achieve success in every aspect while chasing automotive nirvana.

We specialize in creating online digital media within the automotive sector. Whether your a dealership, a company that performs classic vehicle restoration, JDM tuning or vehicle wrapping, we strive to create and manage content targeted towards your audience in order to organically grow your following and create exposure for your brand. 

Follow us as on social as we attend events, film and drive automotive icons, interview entrepreneurs, learn from the best and use these principles to grow our brand.


Your support helps us bring you more value driven content. If you love cars like we do and have a relentless urge for self-made success then you are part of 'The Driven'.

L. Singer

Business Coordinator


I. Singer

Founder/Director & Business Development Manager


J. Modi

Creative Director and Social Media Manager


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